Round Dichroic Murano Glass Earrings


* Please do note all sizes and the weight of the earring(s) as for reasons of hygiene I do not accept their return *

These earring each feature two Venetian Murano glass beads.

The round dichroic beads measure 12mm (1.2cm or just under 1/2") and feature interior 24k gold foil and an interior application on dichroic glass. The twist bead which are lined with interior Sterling silver foil measure 13mm x 10mm (1.3cm x 1cm or just over 1/2" x just over 3/8")

They are enhanced with 14k gold filled beads and 24k gold vermeil beads. They are shown here on 14k gold filled ear wires. The length is 44mm (4.4cm or approx 1.5")

***Each earring weighs 4g ***