Triangular Murano Glass Earrings

Triangular Murano Glass Earrings


* Please note that the beads you receive may vary minutely from the ones shown here *

Unusual Venetian Murano triangular pink glass beads which measure 23mm (2.3cm or almost 1") at their widest point by 26mm (2.6cm or just over 1")

24k gold foil has been applied over an opaque pink glass base, then different coloured ribbons of glass and dots have been applied in a random pattern. Please note that all the exterior decoration is different to the front and back, and to each bead.

They come on 14k gold filled ear wires and the length is 36mm (3.6cm or approx 1.5")

** Exterior gold foil may be subject to some wear over time and/or contact with other jewellery, this is not a fault, simply a characteristic of exterior foiled beads *