Murano Glass Peardrop Tricolore Earrings

Murano Glass Peardrop Tricolore Earrings

These lovely Venetian Murano peardrop beads measure approx 20mm x 14mm at their widest point (2.5cm x 1.4cm or 1" x 9/16")

They feature a band of exterior 24k gold foil. The pattern is a little different to the front and back and to each bead. Both sides have been photographed.

Please note that exterior gold foil may be subject to wear over time and/or with contact with other jewellery, this is not a fault, simply a characteristic of exterior foiled beads.

They are enhanced with 14k gold filled beads and are shown here on 14k gold filled lever-back ear wires. The length is 38mm (3.8cm or approx 1.5")