Large Murano Glass Earrings

Large Murano Glass Earrings

** Please note the size and weight of these earrings as for reasons of hygiene I do not accept their return**

These are really large fabulous earrings each featuring a 23mm (2.3cm or almost 1") Venetian Murano blown (hollow) glass lentil bead ( a round bead which has been partially flattened) and resin beads


The recycled resin beads are different sizes and measure approx 50mm & 37mm  (5cm x 3.7cm or approx 2" x 1.5")

The pattern varies to each earrings and both sides of each earring have been photographed. They come on Sterling silver lever-back ear wires and the lengths and weighs are -


112cm (11.2cm or approx 4.5") and weighs 20g


92mm (9.2cm or just over 3.5") and weighs 12g

*** Each earring weighs 22g ****