Huge Murano Glass Earrings

** Please note the size and weight of these earrings as for reasons of hygiene I do not accept their return**

These are really large fabulous earrings each featuring 2 Venetian Murano glass beads (one of which is a blown (hollow) bead to balance the weight) and resin beads.

The Murano glass tube beads measure 25mm (2.5cm or 1") and feature interior Sterling silver foil.

Below hang 20mm (2cm or 3/4") Murano blown (hollow) glass beads and below that hang large recycled resin beads which measure approx 50mm x 38mm (5cm x 3.8cm or 2" x 1.5")

The pattern varies to each earrings and both sides of each earring have been photographed. They come on 14k gold filled lever-back ear wires and the length is approx 140mm (14cm or approx 5 & 1/4")

*** Each earring weighs 22g ****