Gold Murano Glass Earrings

Gold Murano Glass Earrings

These lovely Venetian Murano glass teardrop beads measure 14mm x 10mm (1.4cm x 1cm or 9/16" x approx 3/8")

They feature heavy 24k gold foil and ribbons of opaque red glass. The pattern of the glass ribbons is different to each side and to each bead.  Exterior gold foil may be subject to a little wear over time and/or contact with other jewellery, this is not a fault, simply a characteristic of exterior foiled beads.

They hang from 14k gold filled twisted bars and come on 14k gold filled fish hook ear wires. The length is 48mm (4.8cm or just under 2")

  • Caring for these earrings

    Your earrings should be stored separately from other jewellery.  Take care to avoid them coming into contact with hairspray, perfumes or oils.