Murano Glass Polka Dot Earrings


** Please do note all sizes and the weight of the earring(s) as, for reasons of hygiene I do not accept the return of earrings **

These lovely vibrant Venetian Murano glass polka dot beads measure 18mm (1.8cm or not far off 3/4") The pattern varies a little to each side and to each bead.

They hang from 20mm (2cm or 3/4") 14k gold filled marquise hoops which are shown here hanging from 14k gold filled fish hook ear wires.

The length is 56mm (5.6cm or approx 2 & 1/4") Each earring weighs 14g.

They are enhanced with 14k gold filled beads, 24k gold vermeil beads and Swarovski crystals

Your purchase will arrive in a gift box.



    For reasons of hygiene, I do not accept the return of earrings