Bicolor Murano Blown Glass Earrings

These earrings each feature two Venetian Murano glass beads.  The bicolour lentil beads (round beads which have been partially flattened) measure 25mm (2.5cm or 1") and feature exterior 24k gold foil (this may be subject to a little wear over time)


Below hang blown glass  (hollow) cippolina (onion shaped) beads which measure 23mm x 18mm (2.3cm x 1.8cm or approx 1" x almost 3/4")  They are enhanced with 14k gold filled beads, 24k gold vermeil beads and Swarovski crystals.  The length is 78mm (7.8cm or approx 3 & 1/4") 

**Each earring weighs 16g **